Details about teaching to be added.

  • Feb 2015Nov 2014

    Visiting Lecturer (Vacataire)

    Ecole d’ingenieurs ECE Paris

    I developed a new course of Java EE technologies.  The slides of the course of openly available at my slideshare accout.

  • Aug 2013Oct 2012

    AttachéTemporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche

     Université de Bretagne Occidentale

    I took the laboratory classes (TP) and problem solving classes (TD) for the following courses.

    • Java and project tooling
    • Network IP-concepts, programming et application
    • Algorithms and programming
    • Distributed systems
    • Network Programming with Java
    • Informatics and Internet certificate, C2i

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is more than a job to me. I have pursued this career because I have a strong motivation to teach. I believe, teaching is an art. Not only do I like to teach, I also want to excel in this direction by trying new methods. There are some points that I always find important when I am teaching:

  • Am I transferring the knowledge from student’s perspective?
  • Am I improving my skills by constantly questioning my teaching methodology?
  • Am I successful in creating the thirst of knowledge in students?

These points help me constantly develop myself as a better teacher.