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  • Model Driven Engineering
  • Software Process Engineering
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software & Systems Modeling

Research Projects


    ANR Project - Worked as a post-doctoral fellow

    The Formose ANR project (ANR-14-CE28-0009) aims to design a formally-grounded, model-based requirements engineering (RE) method for critical complex systems, supported by an open-source environment. The project has been launched on November 17, 2014. The main partners are: ClearSy, LACL, Institut Mines-Telecom, OpenFlexo, and THALES.

  • MERgE

    Europeen ITEA2 Project - Worked as a post-doctoral fellow

    MERgE stands for “Multi-Concerns Interactions System Engineering”. Within the “Engineering support” theme of ITEA2 roadmap, the purpose of this project is to develop and demonstrate innovative concepts and design tools addressing in combination the “Safety” and “Security” concerns, targeting the elaboration of effective architectural solutions.  This project aims to bring a system engineering solution for Combined Safe & Secure system design. The main technical innovation of the project is the application of state of the art design tools tailoring capabilities and “multi concern engineering” core technologies to the issue of interactions of “Safety” and ”Security” concerns as well as other concerns like “Performance” or “Timing” in the design process.