Fahad R. Golra, Fabien Dagnat
2nd Workshop on Process-based approaches for Model-Driven Engineering, PMDE 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
Publication year: 2012

Management of software development processes is indispensable for systematic development of all the artifacts provided by the process. The nature of a software development process can vary from manual to automatic, static to dynamic, concrete to abstract and simple to complex. The corresponding process modeling approach should be able to deal with all these variations. CAMA Process Modeling Framework (CPMF) is a process modeling approach that caters the varying requirements of software development processes. It is inspired from the component based paradigm, where each activity is taken as a component, and the process itself is visualized as an architecture. It models the processes in different abstractions in terms of development phases and multiple implementations. Hierarchical Petri Net is a mathematical modeling language having proper definitions of its execution semantics and process analysis. This article concerns the mapping of CPMF metamodel constructs onto a Hierarchical Petri Net, so as to formally define the semantics of the interaction control.

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