Fahad Rafique Golra, Fabien Dagnat, Reda Bendraou, Antoine Beugnard
In 7th International Conference on Model and Data Engineering, MEDI 2017, Barcelona, Spain, October, 2017
Publication year: 2017

Software development methods and standards have existed for decades and the software industry is often expected to follow them, especially when it comes to critical systems. They are of vital importance for establishing a common frame of reference and milestones for software life-cycle planning, development, monitoring and evaluation. However, there is hardly any (semi-)automatic method that ensures the compliance of de-facto processes to the adopted de-jure standards throughout the development life cycle i.e. from specification to enactment. We argue that compliance assurance should be dealt by the process modeling methodologies implicitly to facilitate correct by construction approach for process development. This article presents a framework for modeling software development processes that ensures their continuous compliance to an adopted standard from specification to execution.

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