Fahad R. Golra, Fabien Dagnat
Télécom Bretagne Computer Science Doctoral Symposium, CSDS 2012, Brest, France
Publication year: 2012

Under the current scheme of model driven engineering, the development process for a system takes different transformations in its life cycle.  Different models correspond to different phases in the software development process, having different characteristics.  The definition of the software development life cycle which takes into account the development process using model transformations is a critical need for efficient software development.  The use of model transformation automates a part of the software development process. These processes involved in software development are considered to be equally important as the software itself, so they need to be modeled accordingly.  In order to realize this goal, we are looking forward to define CAMA Process Modeling Framework (CPMF) that addresses the current needs of model driven software development.

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